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Brandtone wins at MEAs
Brandtone wins at MEAs
Brandtone wins award for ‘Best Multinational Company’ at 9th Annual Mobile Excellence Awards in Los Angeles

​The 9th Annual Mobile Excellence Awards took place on January 26th in Los Angeles. The MEA recognizes and leaders and innovation in mobile entertainment and technology across the globe.

Brandtone won the award for ‘Best Multinational Company’ which honours global mobile companies whose products or services have proved to be the most globally progressive and that has launched the most ground-breaking product or service in a country other than that of their origin. This is off the back of Brandtone’s successful Trader product launch which took place in February 2016 and has been rolled out across markets spanning Latin America, Russia, Africa and South East Asia.

The award represents further recognition of Brandtone Trader and its continued success in building sustainable relationships between brands and independent traders in emerging markets.

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