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EMEA Smarties Here We Come
EMEA Smarties Here We Come
Brandtone to feature in the Cross Media/Cross Mobile Integration category for our 'Team Kenya' campaign with Tusker.

The Tusker beer brand is owned by East African Breweries. It is the highest selling beer brand in Kenya and the largest African beer brand in the Diageo Group. The beer’s slogan is ‘Bia Yangu, Nchi Yangu’, which means ‘My Country, My Beer’.

The objective of the ‘Team Kenya’ campaign was to reinforce and strengthen the brand and to position Tusker as being synonymous with Kenyan pride. Kenya has enjoyed unprecedented success in athletics in recent years and in order to capitalise on this, Tusker chose to base their campaign around national events that would be closely followed by their target demographic.

In 2015 Kenya finished top of the medals table at the World Athletics Championship in Beijing, took 1st and 2nd place in the New York City Marathon and their rugby 7s team qualified for the Rio Olympics.

By becoming part of ‘Team Kenya’, consumers could feel a sense of unity with the athletes and show their support and pride in these achievements.

You can check out the submission video by clicking the image above.