Driving Cross Selling Opportunities for Dove in Russia.

Brandtone partnered with Unilever in 2013 to drive the rate of sales across the Dove portfolio in Russia.

The Brief

  1. Increase rate of sales and market share of Dove via on-pack consumer campaign across 5 product categories, including shampoo, conditioner and deodorant;
  2. Create an actionable permissioned database for Women’s Day 2013;
  3. Profile new and existing Dove consumers and gain rich insight across product categories;
  4. Identify and execute cross selling opportunities through a Direct Marketing Campaign.

The Campaign

Brandtone created an innovative on-pack campaign for Dove which targeted consumers via mobile. The volume uplift was sustained by incentivising existing buyers to repurchase.

Consumers were instructed to follow promotional on-pack instructions and enter a short code via SMS. Each redemption entered the consumer into an opt-in profiling session where they were profiled using a pre-recorded voice based questionnaire system known as Interactive Voice Response (IVR). On completion of the IVR, consumers were rewarded with guaranteed free airtime of RUB 15-25.

This resulted in large segments of consumers who were served even greater offers and rewards via SMS to encourage them to cross purchase or switch from competitor brands. Voucher codes were also differentiated according to product category, which meant that each interaction was tailored to the individual purchase.

Mobile marketing has proven to be an effective way to engage existing and new Dove consumers. The results highlight how mobile can create cross selling opportunities for brands across product ranges.

The Results

  • 15% of Dove shampoo buyers bought Dove conditioner after receiving a targeted cross category Direct Message;

  • 21% of Dove consumers repurchased (any category) after receiving a targeted repurchase Direct Message;

  • Rich database of unique permissioned consumers to target for sales and brand building activity.
15% of shampoo consumers also purchased conditioner
High opt-in rate for future communications
21% uptake rate in direct marketing

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